This LDV Convoy floor had certainly seen better days. I was asked to put a few patches on it but when I lifted the carpet, this is what I found

Which cleaned up to this.

It was obvious that there was very little to weld to and after a discussion with the owner the decision was made to fit a new floor.

On with the cutting out of rusty old metal!

This left the old floor looking a little bit like this.

Unfortunately the don't make any panels for any of these rusty bits so I had to make some templates and cut the new floor from sheet steel.

Trial fitted it.

All the framework under the floor was then cleaned up and painted with weld through primer and after much careful cutting and cleaning it's time to start the reassembly process

The handbrake cable hole needed careful shaping with a round ended tool to allow the grommet to fit between the floor and the stiffener.


Initially the gear tunnel was looking ok but after replacing the rest of the floor it looked rather ropey so I made this one instead.

This is what the floor looked like after a clean-up and a lick of zinc primer. 

In order to keep costs down, the owner opted to do some of the finishing herself so this is the way the van was handed the van back. I now has quite possibly the strongest floor that any LDV Convoy ever had!