3D CAD is a tool that I use extensively in my own research and development processes in order to save costs on time and material whilst designing products. Using finite element analysis to assess structures also helps to create a superior product through efficient design.

If you have an isea but can't quite envisage it, or need to make a presentation to somebody eels then this could be the solution for you.

I can create a model in 3D which can then be converted to a PDF or 2D line drawing and sent to mobile devices or through email (depending on the size of the finished drawing) allowing viewing from any angle for a clear understanding of the design in question.

Below are some examples of 3D models that I have made for previous projects.

This one is was a rendering excercise on a spotlight, both are rendered using ray tracing technology (to simulate the actual way that real light rays reflect and refract) the one at the top is obviously a much more understated effect and a much lower resolution.


This next image shows 3D model that I created in order to calculate the volume of a fuel tank to find out why the gauge reading was out by many thousands of litres at the end of a service day. The image below has the 2D frame drawings overlaid on the 3D image so you can see how it is produced.

These are renderings of a model that was developed from a simple sketch as an example of what can be done with the sofware.